The DEEP Center Distinction

DEEP Center disaster behavioral health training has been provided onsite and in-person to more than 14,000 participants in more than 330 sessions throughout the United States, Canada, and Latin America since 2003.  No other United States university-based disaster behavioral health training program has approached this volume of trainings and participants during this time period.

All DEEP Center behavioral health training is conducted by doctoral level personnel including internationally renowned clinicians and government officials. Content is contributed, and curricula are reviewed, by widely-known leaders in the field of disaster psychiatry and disaster behavioral health.

Contribution to the field
Through training and research, DEEP Center continuously makes forward-moving contributions to the science, practice, and training of disaster behavioral health.  We create rather than repackage.  Contributions to date include the Disaster Ecology Model, SURGE SORT SUPPORT healthcare training, SAFETY FUNCTION ACTION psychological first aid training, DEEP PREP resiliency training, and innovative, cross-cultural programs for Spanish-speaking populations.

Responder Support
All DEEP Center training places primary focus on the well-being of the disaster responder, believing that the resilient responder is best equipped to support the survivor.

Vulnerable and Special Populations
DEEP Center is continuously expanding its repertoire of programs and trainings for special populations.  Since 2005, DEEP Center has provided preparedness training in Spanish for more than 8,000 Hispanic participants in Florida.  DEEP Center is developing programs focusing on disaster behavioral health for children, older adults, and persons with disabilities.

Citizen Preparedness
DEEP Center is developing a suite of personal preparedness tools within its SAFETY FUNCTION ACTION framework.  DEEP Center's programs on disaster self-reliance are trained to thousands of citizens in English and Spanish.

Global Programming
DEEP Center trains extensively in Canada and Latin America.  SURGE SORT SUPPORT has been "Canadianized" and adapted by the Public Health Agency of Canada for nationwide training of hospital and healthcare personnel in English and French.  SAFETY FUNCTION ACTION training is ongoing in Canada and in Latin America (in Spanish).